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Van Allen, Van Haelen, Van Aelen, Van Alen, Vanalea or VanAllen

This geneology is not meant to be comprehensive or complete. This effort is merely intended to be a list tracing the passing of the Van Allen family name from one generation to the next. It begins upon it's entrance on American shores in 1658 and ends in the present year of 2002. Most specifically the list culminates with a link to the Dave VanAllen family website in Ashtabula Ohio. I am hopeful that this list will be useful to others who also trace some of their heritage back to Lourens von Hallen (Van Alen) of Utrecht Holland. There is quite a bit of information available on the internet for those interested in other branches this family tree. If your heritage links up to this tree in any way, this site is for you. Also, if you do trace your heritage to John Van Alen in some way, have a website of your own, and would like me to post it here, please email me at

The VAN ALLEN FAMILY in this country are apparently from the direct and ancestral lineage of Lourens von Hallen. Lourens came to Amsterdam from the town of Hallen, which lies between Amsterdam and Utrecht, in the Netherlands.

The name Van Allen is evidently derived from an anglization of "von" or "van" which means "from" and "Haelen", or "Hallen", which of course is the town Lourens hailed from. In Dutch the name would have been Von Hallen but since coming to America has passed through varied forms including Van Haelen, Van Halen, Van Ale, Van Aelen, Van Alen, Van Allen and VanAllen.

John Van Alen of Utrecht, was the father of the two Van Alen brothers who emigrated to America in 1658. Nothing is known of him. His Christian name is determined by the fact that both sons named one of their children after him. His two sons were:

Peter Van Allen was born in Holland in 1633 and died in Albany, N.Y. in January 1674. When he came to America in May of 1658, his wife, Weyntje Morre and his two children were with him. Later two more children were born in America:

John Van Allen was born in Holland before 1658. Little is known about his personal life. One of his sons was:

Stephanus Van Allen was born about 1682 and was still living in 1738. On July 2, 1702, he was married to Maria Cornelse Mulder. He was admitted as a member of the Dutch Church in Albany on January 8, 1699. Some of his children were:

Jacobus Van Allen was baptized on October 19, 1713 near Albany New York. He married Rachel Quakenbush. Not much is known of him except that he was the father of:

Peter Van Allen was born sometime in the early 1740s. Around 1765 he was married to Maria Ellwood, daughter of Richard Ellwood. Peter then established the Schenectady branch of the Van Allen family. Peter and Maria's children were:

Maria died around around 1790. On March 11, 1795, Peter married Christina Patterson and they had two children:

Richard Van Allen was born in May 1, 1773 in New York State. He married Nancy (Anna) Zimmerman, who was born in 1779. They lived in Oppenheim the first part of their married life. Sometime after 1835 they moved to Watertown New York where they both died and are buried in the Perch River cemetery in the town of Brownsville. Richard Van Allen's tombstone reads:

There were at least five children, though it seems probable their were more.

Mindred Van Allen was born in St. Johnsville, New York on November 16, 1808. He was married to Myra (Maria) Vanderwalker and around 1835 they moved to Watertown, New York. Mindred died on December 10, 1849, leaving 9 children:

Charles Lavinas Van Allen, born September 29, 1847 and died June 11, 1930. He married Harriet May Edwards on January 14, 1893 in Cleveland Ohio. It is unknown to me when he moved from New York to Cleveland. However, the court records following the settlement of his mothers estate after her death in 1888 list Charles L. Van Allen as being a resident of Brownsville. It should be noted that Charles was only 15 when he enlisted in the Union Army Cavalry, having lied about his age and birthday. Two death notices, which were published in a local newspaper, can be read by clicking here . The fact that Charles lied about his age in order to enter the military may explain the discrepancy in the birth date in one of the articles. Charles had four children:

Fred married Viola May Brooks on March 23, 1916. Viola was born March 28, 1896 in Springfield PA and died December 28, 1982 in Ashtabula Ohio. Both are buried in Plymouth Township Cemetary. Fred and Viola had four children:

Gordon was married January 11, 1958 to Bonita Ann Hauser. Bonnie was born June 17, 1936 in Ashtabula Ohio. They had four children, all born in Ashtabula Ohio:

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